Navigating startup myths: A Conversation with Sandra Shpilberg

Is there a secret formula for founding a startup? What is key to creating the company of your dreams?

Join me as I talk with Sandra Shpilberg, a digital health entrepreneur and the author of New Startup Mindset! This is a founder’s story of starting, building and exiting a digital health startup – all while not following the Silicon Valley formula, and not being the formula (woman, immigrant and non-programmer). In this episode, Sandra tackles the startup myths that constrain entrepreneurs and offers key lessons for current and aspiring founders to free them to create the companies that only they can create, and to do so on their own terms.

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About Pratima Rao Gluckman

Pratima Rao Gluckman knew she wanted to be an engineer from a young age. When she took her first programming class, she fell in love and began on her career path. She attained a Masters in Computer Science (University of Texas at Arlington), Masters in Chemistry and Bachelors in Instrumentation Engineering (BITs Pilani India). After a few years working in the industry as a software engineer, she made the decision to move into engineering management. Leading came naturally for her, and currently, in her field of enterprise software, she is Engineering Leader at VMware and manages a team of engineers.

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