Malina Hills

Senior VP Space Systems Group, The Aerospace Corporation


Dr. Malina M. Hills is the senior vice president of the Space Systems Group at The Aerospace Corporation. Though she was interested in science from an early age, she dreamed about majoring in history and becoming a lawyer like the actors she saw on television. Instead, several crucial moments set her up for her career in science. One was validation from a grade-school teacher, and a second was encouragement to study chemistry in college from a woman work-study employer. With a PhD in chemical engineering from the California Institute of Technology, she went to work for The Aerospace Corporation, attaining the ranks of senior VP. As part of her learning, she believes in not shying away from asking questions. She was president of the Aerospace Women’s Committee for one year; as part of her many years on this committee, she has supported women and worked hard to hire women at all experience levels.