Orna Berry

CVP and GM, Israel Center of Excellence, Dell EMC


Orna Berry appreciates women who are leaders in technology because she feels there is something sincere and capable about women who reach these positions. To use the words sincere and capable to describe Orna is a major understatement. She is currently a vice president for Dell EMC and general manager of the Israel Center of Excellence. She was appointed Chief Scientist of Israel in 1997, and to date she is the only woman to have held this post. She was an officer in the Israeli Air Force, an entrepreneur, a businesswoman, and a government administrator. As a volunteer, she has offered her time and expertise to numerous prestigious projects, including volunteering for the Women in Industrial Research Organization of the European Commission. Now, in her current role with Dell EMC, she is involved in helping companies access technical resources in Israel to build successful technologies. The core of Orna’s success has always been to let go of what she calls “gendered expectations.”