Patty Hatter

Strategic advisor and investor to VCs and tech start-ups,


Patty Hatter is poised and confident. Rising through the ranks to become a senior vice president of Intel Security/McAfee, today she is a strategic advisor and investor to venture capitalists (VCs) and tech start-ups. She brings a Zen-like attitude to both her personal and professional life, recognizing a natural ebb and flow to work and family. When a situation at home comes up, she prioritizes it over her work life, and vice versa. “Everything is temporary,” she says, so we shouldn’t worry too much about things. She believes we have many interesting problems to solve, and we need both men and women to do so. “Different people just naturally bring different skills and insights to the table. That’s the whole notion around diversity. That’s what diversity is all about,” says Patty, who supports diversity and believes in the value it brings to an organization.