Pratima Rao Gluckman is a Senior Manager at LinkedIn.

When she’s not leading her team, Pratima’s passion and central focus are to make the tech industry a place where everyone can thrive in leadership, regardless of their gender.  The core focus of her speaking engagements inspire and offer an effective strategy for women to break through whatever glass ceilings are in their way.

Additionally, men, as well as women, find Pratima Gluckman’s talks to be informative and inspirational for their own careers.  Pratima Gluckman also offers guidance for the positive role that men can play in encouraging the next generation of female leaders and restructuring the way business gets done so women can thrive in leadership.

Pratima Gluckman in her speaking engagements elaborates on the themes in her book: “Nevertheless She Persisted: True Stories of Women in Tech” which chronicles the leadership journeys and mindsets of successful female technologists.   Some of the themes are your brand at work; how to overcome the effects of imposter syndrome; strategies for getting sponsors; the aggressive label; and the importance of offering careers interventions. With humor paired with inspirational storytelling and prescient advice, Pratima Gluckman clearly explains how to achieve career success in the tech world.  Additionally, the lessons she offers apply in a wide variety of industries and even for women seeking to get back into the career space after stepping out of the game to focus on parenting.

Though she never thought of herself as a champion of women’s issues, Pratima Gluckman had an aha moment in 2016 where she realized that the roadblocks she and her female colleagues were facing wasn’t just coincidental but was because of unconscious gender bias which is rampant in the tech industry. As she looked around for accurate information on how ambitious women can break the glass ceiling, she realized that there was a need for fresh research and a book on this subject. With gusto, Pratima Gluckman interviewed a very diverse set of 19 women technology leaders. In May 2018 in Nevertheless She Persisted was published which both chronicles the informative and inspirational leadership journeys of the women and also contains essays that outline the major takeaways from Pratima Gluckman’s research on female leaders in tech.

Since the book came into print, Pratima Gluckman has been almost unanimously lauded for her efforts in gender and diversity. She has been overwhelmed with requests to appear for keynote speaking engagements and fireside chats.  Additionally, Pratima has accepted several requests to organize and moderate several panel discussions featuring the women leaders who appear in Nevertheless She Persisted.

Part of Pratima’s inspiration for her work in gender and diversity is her 5-year-old daughter who loves math and writing animation computer scripts.  Pratima lives in Silicon Valley, California with her husband and 3 kids.