Becoming a Persistent Leader & What Organizations Can Do

Pratima Gluckman elaborates on the themes in her book “Nevertheless She Persisted: True Stories of Women Leaders in Tech”.  With humor paired with inspirational storytelling and prescient advice, Pratima Gluckman clearly explains proven strategies to achieve career success. She also highlight what organizations can do to create a positive climate so that everyone, regardless of their gender, can thrive in leadership.


Beginning or Restarting Your Persistent Journey

This speech targets the needs of young women who haven’t yet entered the workforce or women that are new to the workforce or have stepped out of the game to focus on parenting. As technology is rapidly becoming a central part of every industry, Pratima Gluckman’s interviews and research on the mindsets of successful female technology leaders can be utilized by women across a broad spectrum of career objectives. Pratima lays out straight talk about the glass ceilings that can impede women’s career progress and level-headed advice on how to persist and thrive even when faced with such challenges.


Fireside Chats

This format allows for a more informal Q&A session where Pratima Gluckman answers questions from a moderator or from the audience about what motivated her to write Nevertheless She Persisted and insights drawn from the leadership stories featured in the book.


Panel Discussions

These panel discussions give the audience the opportunity to hear first hand from some of the inspirational and motivational female leaders whose leadership journeys are featured in “Nevertheless She Persisted”.  The questions addressed to panel elaborate on the themes of the book. Both women and men walk away from these panels with mindsets and strategies that they can use personally to advance their leadership and and within their organizations improve the climate for female leaders.